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Each family approaches the topic of trust traditionally in one of two ways.  Either you were 'given' a measure of trust and it was up to you to lose or gain more.  Or you came from a family that required that you first 'earn' trust and with each positive experience, you were given more of that trust.  As you further your research on the estate process, you will come to the realization that one must ultimately hand over control of the sale process to strangers and hope they are people of integrity.  This is a decision that requires much thought and research.

Our clients have indeed placed much thought, and ultimately trust into their decision based on many facts and factors.  Here is a detailed list of benefits that have helped our family's make a solid decision and set our family owned estate company apart from others:

1. We do everything above board.  All our staff are employees, fully trained, with taxes paid and workers comp insurance.  NO contractors, nor do we pay under the table for friends or workers.  Everything is put in writing, with no surprises. An estate company must do things ethically within their own company, in order to be ethical within your home and estate.  There is NO extra charge to you for this service.

2. We invest in general liability insurance to protect our clients.  If a friend came over to your home to visit, fell and injured themselves, your home owners insurance will cover it.  If you have the general public in your home for a sale and someone falls, your insurance will NOT cover it.  Ask the estate company to see a current insurance certificate.  There is NO extra charge for this service.

3. Anyone can say they can save you money by lowering  their commission to get the job.  Do you want your mechanic to use the cheapest parts on your new brakes? Is it acceptable for a Realtor to spend as little as possible to advertise your house? We invest thousands of dollars on print and online advertising for all our client's. We attract real buyers from farther distances. More customers equals more items sold and more money made.  There is NO extra charge for this service.

4. We do not allow pre-sales to the public or to dealers.  Nothing leaves your home, unless you know about it.  All doors and windows are locked and alarms are set each time we work at your estate.  Every single item is treated with respect, and not haphazardly placed.  Our trained, set up TEAM, not just a couple people, will assure everything from displaying, to pricing, to lighting, to security are all in place. 


Our fun and professional sales team engages customers and ACTIVELY sells. It is important to visit a few different estate sales to see first hand how they are set up and run.  Be sure to go in the morning as you will see a difference. There is NO extra charge for this service.


The old adage proves true, "You get what you pay for." Never hire an estate company based on commission.  Find the busiest, full-time, year-round, estate company who is willing to invest EVERYTHING upfront at NO cost to you.  We get paid only when we sell.  All of this is how we build long term trust with our clients. We consider it a privilege and an honor to help. 

This is who we are.

"Our family has been in the antique, appraisal and estate business for over 50 years".

Originally from California, the Forester family has owned antique stores, used furniture stores, consignment stores and has extensive experience in the estate, auction, retail and appraisal process.  Once an Ebay Power Seller, they have now expanded to multiple online venues and have mastered the art of research and shipping for worthy, specific items that may sell for much more outside the area.  Their massive following and personal connections with high-end buyers has made Forester one of Michigan's preferred choices for estate liquidation.

Andrew J. Forester is the son of an immigrant.  After his grandmother passed away, his father at age 12 took passage on a ship bound for the states and ultimately became a U.S. citizen.  His childhood home was a 1928 Senator's mansion, packed with treasures from around the world. This meticulously restored home was placed on the Historic Registry. His mother and father instilled in him an appreciation for all the arts, from theater, to architecture, sculpture, horticulture and antiquities. He also inherited an unstoppable entrepreneurial work ethic, a passion for customer service and building businesses. His education and training has allowed him the honor of running many types of businesses from assisted living to zoos and every type of adventure in-between. His primary goal in life is to give and serve all those around him, and whenever in the wrong, to make every effort to make it right again. 

Married to his high school sweetheart for over 30 years, with three grown children, he finds great joy in meeting new people, seeing new places and learning something new everyday.

"We always remember that this estate was once someone's home and we respect and protect it like  it's our own."

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