4-STAR Recommended Companies

These companies have proven worthy of our 4-STAR RECOMMENDATION

due to the following:

1. They have done business with us, and for us, and have shown the highest level of customer service to our clients.

2. Each have placed our clients needs before their own in order provide complete customer satisfaction.

3. Our clients have thanked us for recommending them.

4. When any challenges arose, they were quick to make it right.

5. They passed our 10-step qualification process to validate their business integrity and company stability.


Frankenmuth Independence Village

Midland Independence Village 

Swanhaven Manor Independent Retirement Community

McBrite Manor

Union Court Assisted Living

Shattuck Manor Assisted Living

Meadow View Memory Care

White Realty

Gardey Financial Advisors

Tri-Star Trust Bank



Feel free to call us directly to discuss the specifics of our experiences with the above companies.

Make sure you let them know who referred you and enjoy your 4-STAR service.

Should Forester, LLC receive more than two verified, written, formal complaints regarding services rendered from the above company, that company's web link will be terminated.  Forester Senior Moving & Estate Services is to be held harmless for any illegitimate pricing, misconduct, damages or injury that could incur by utilizing the companies that have been recommended.  Potential customers are to use their own research and due diligence when selecting a company to do business.  The recommendations are based on the positive experiences Forester Senior Moving & Estate Services has had first hand.



Feel free to call us directly and ask us specific questions about their services.