Our Services

In order to qualify for our services, one must be downsizing considerably and relocating, or, be a family member helping someone over 60 downsize and move to a new home, or, one settling an estate.


We help the following people move:  Those moving to retire and simplify, those settling a divorce or completely starting over, and those needing more care.

The most common statement we hear is, "We sure wish we knew about you services before we moved my parents."  As trained Transition Specialist, we help people with a FOUR STEP PROCESS:

STEP #1 - Decide what to take with you to your new home.  Easier said than done as not everything will fit into your new home.  It's not like the other times you had to move.

STEP #2 - Decide what to give to your family.  Maybe your family wants your things, maybe they don't.  If they do, how do you know what they really want and how do you get it to them?

STEP #3 - Decide what to sell.  Too many of our clients throw away or give away things they shouldn't have.  We have sold single items for our clients that have paid for all of our services.  You no longer really know what is valuable any more.

STEP #4 - Decide what to give away.  Maybe there is a faithful neighbor, library, church or charity who appreciate some of your belongings.  When they don't expect it, that's the best time to bless them with a small token of your appreciation. We can get it there.

We have a process for all the above, plus any other needs or requests you may have.  We are nothing like the others.  We are there to help you reach you goal, keep you focused, and encouraged.

For some of you, this process may not sound like the steps you had in mind.  However, after years of helping people we have come up with a tried and true process that has proven to be the most productive and least stressful on our clients.  The second most common statement we hear is, " There were so many things I didn't think of, I couldn't have done it with out you."



No more hiring a couple guys with a truck. All movers must be licensed by the state to transport your household goods. They must be bonded & insured for up to $1-million liability, and should be recommended by the property your moving to, and check professional references.  Not only is the State of Michigan now fining the person transporting your goods without a license, they are now fining the person who hired them.  Just because they say they are senior movers does not mean they are legitimate.  FORESTER has paid, properly trained employees and is a member of NASAMM.

Insurance is now a must.  Most estate sale companies do not carry General Liability insurance in addition to their bonding.  When hiring a company be sure to ask to see their G.L. Certificate.  Do not just ask "Are you insured?"  This request will cost you nothing, unless something happens and they are not properly insured to protect you.  FORESTER has both General Liability & is fully Bonded to protect you.



Our appraisals begin by going through the following catagories and selecting the services that are appropriate for you:


Why do you need to know the value of your personal property?

1. Insurance Replacement.

2. Street Value/Price if Sold Today.

How many items do you need appraised?

1. 1-2 items

2. Collection

3. Entire Household

4. Vehicle

Our services include written documentation, on company letterhead.  Rates are competitive and are based on research required for proper apprasial, number of items and type of items.


Our sales are like no other.  We take such great pride in our presentation and execution.  Our faithful following has grown to over 500 and our sales often exceed over 1500 customers in one weekend.   Our website collects over 10,000 views per month and over 100,000 per year.  Since estate sales are a numbers game, this means our clients make more money because more people show up. Several of our sales attracted over 2000 buyers from as far as Chicago and Ohio.  Our customers know that we only have the best quality sales, since we do not accept every sale and that their visit will not be in vain.

In order for us to decide whether or not you have enough for an estate sale, we must first come see the estate.  We recommend the following steps before you have us do the inspection:

1. Clear estate of all items you want to keep.

2. Clear estate of all items you plan to give to family.

3. Let friends and neighbors know that they will be the first to know about when item will be for sale ( Don't make the mistake of selling anything to them early).

4. Have us do your inspection first.  Beware of people, dealers and estate companies who are interested in buying items before you have a sale.

After it has been established that a sale would be in order, we begin by setting the entire estate like a store:  Sorting, organizing, cleaning, displaying, tagging, researching, pricing, advertising and eventually selling.  Depending on the size and complexity, this can take from just a few days to up to a month to prepare.

Rare in a an estate company, our entire staff consist of paid well-trained, bonded & insured, employees.  Each bringing their own expertise assuring you are getting the absolute best service for your money.

Avoid the person or company that cannot provide proof of liability insurance protection.  If customer gets hurt in your home, home owners insurance will not cover it and the responsibility falls on you.

We are upfront with fees.  The old saying, "You get what you pay for" fits in this situation.  We once helped a client with an estate after his father passed away.  He followed the above steps and asked us to sell the rest.  Buried in a closet, we uncovered a small toy robot from the 1940's.   It was a bit rusty, yet complete.  It booked out around $400 in its current condition.  So we tagged it at $500 for the sale.  During the sale we had two offers from $200-400.  The person was so upset that we would not sell it to him for $400.  We had a gut feeling about this robot, so after the sale we did some more digging and found a buyer for the robot for $1255.00.  needless to say, the client was pleased he hired us.

When we find money, we turn in every penny.  Often, people feel they have to rid the house of any money before we come in and take it to the bank as quickly as possible.  One time, we were sorting and digging through the estate and we came across 60 wooden cigar boxes full of silver coin.  We told the client right away of course.  They allowed us to go through every coin.  Literally thousands.  There were NO collectible coins in the bunch and the total face value came to $1240.00.  However, the total silver value came to $8,400.00.  Our client was very pleased as each bank has a policy not to mention or pay out silver value to their customers.

We also specialize in settling estates, probates and trusts.  Letters of recomendations available from trust banks, attorneys, and trust officers.



For our clients only, we help them cherry pick items that we think will sellfor more on-line.  This has been a life saver for many of the people we have helped.  This is why you never want to sell anything before we come in and inspect.  There are many who prey on those who are lacking knowledge.

We had a client who was offered $1000.00 for a tackle box full of wooden fishing lures.  He almost took it, however, he remembered our advise.  We ended up selling just one of his lures for $1200.00.  We sold the rest to collectors around the nation.  he was pleased.

Our company eBay specialist has the highest ebay rating in Central Michigan with over 6000 100% positive feedbacks.  What this means for you, is that we can sell things on line for more than anyone, including you doing it yourself.  People pay for trust and reputation.   The better the reputation, the more bidders will pay.  Besides, eBay is not as easy as one might think.



House sold?  Place full of garbage?  Things left over even after a successful sale?

We have a whole other team that will come in and completely clean out everything, deliver it to a local charity, get you a receipt, vacuum, sweep and even give the keys to your realtor if you're out of town.  You don't have to do a thing.

We also have house cleaners available as well for deep cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens and refrigerators.